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CNet CNET editors' review
CodedColor PhotoStudio has a user friendly interface includes features like photo editing and printing, Web album galleries, slide shows, photo management and cataloging, custom sorting, IPTC and EXIF editor, thumbnail generation, resize and resample images, jp2000, batch conversion, database keyword searching, red eye removal, color, sharpness, brightness and contrast correction, artefacts removal, clone brush, scanner and TWAIN import, screen capture, lossless JPEG rotation, gamma correction, print ordering and screenshows with many transition effects, watermark text, image annotations, panorama stitch and animation, video capture, PDF album export, photo layouts, collages, frames, shadows, histograms, automatic white balance, skype photo sharing.

User friendly and bursting with features
Exceptional collection of professional photo editing, batch processing and organization tools. Ranking among the top 3 in feature quantity & quality, and for a very competitive price.

Neat Net Tricks Team Review - 02/2012
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"This is an exceptional collection of professional photo editing, batch processing and sharing tools that has the power, flexibility, functionality, and flexibility of Adobe Photoshop. The company motto, Your Vacation is too Short for a Bad Picture, vastly understates the capabilities of this program which goes far beyond simply touching up oneís vacation photos. The bottom line is this: Pay $699.00 and more for a 1.6 GB behemoth of a program called Adobe Photoshop that consumes resources like a monkey consumes bananas, or download a small 47.7 MB file for a rela-tively efficient program that does the same as Photoshop and more for only $59.00. I think this is a no-brainer. Uninstall all similar programs as this one will do it all. I highly recommend it." (Mark Snyder)
"The photo editor adjusts photos at the pixel level similar to other photo editors, but does so at a very fast rate and better. I was able to edit some underwater photos taken in murky water. The result was not perfect, but it turned the photos from throwaways to keepers. With CodedColor Pro, I salvaged over 40 photos that I originally culled." (Dana Cartwell)
"Currently, I use several applications to handle my photo editing chores. While testing this application, I found it could replace many of them to a grater or lesser degree. Some features worked as well or better, others not as well. The main benefit was that they were all in one place and did not require closing and opening several apps to accomplish the work I needed to get done. Will I continue to use it? Yes - this one is a keeper. Due to the depth of itís capabilities, it can replace many applications currently in use." (Dana Bostick)
"For someone who has not done a lot of photo editing, the features in PhotoStudio can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, the tutorials in the Help file encouraged me to leap in and try things out. The first pictures that I worked on were rather useless in their original state and had been taken indoors in a large hall with limited flash. I tried both the SmartFix and Exposure tools, and the photos that I would have otherwise discarded were suddenly quite acceptable. An interesting button in the tools across the top of the screen is "Original". The program allowed me to view the original photo before treatment and to switch to the SmartFix result so that I could determine whether the original should be overwritten. Besides the "recovery" tools that I used most often, there are also many other ways to manipulate photos. There are "Effects" and "Advanced Effects" which essentially allow converting a photo into an oil painting or Water colour, change in colour tones reminiscent of earlier times in photography, transformations and distortions of many types, and even make improvements such as removing scratches. Sample pictures in a sidebar illustrate these effects." (Peter Royle)
Software.Informer Editor's Pick Award
When it comes to editing, enhancing, and retouching your image files, the possibilities are nearly endless. CodedColor claims to be simpler to use than Photoshop, but the number of tools available make it even comprehensive. To help novice users to make the most of CodedColor PhotoStudio, a Basic Editing Tool has been also included. This will let you correct the contrast, the gamma levels, the sharpness, and the RGB values (to name a few) the easy way Ė a combination of convenient slide controls with real-time viewing of all the changes made.
FindMySoft.com Editor's Pick: Essential Software
CodedColor PhotoStudio allows you to perform basic photo editing tasks such as removing red-eye effect, adjusting the color, cropping the image. It also allows you to perform more complex photo editing tasks, like adding effects and filters to an image or adding a watermark to a picture. All the options and features are easy to access thanks to the intuitive interface that features a lot of graphical buttons and also the classical drop-down menu. The functionality this software application provides does not end here. It can also be used to create slideshows, generate web albums in HTML, compress and resize images, send images via Skype, and send images via SMS.
Giveawayoftheday.com Christmas Special - 25.12.2010
For those new to photo-editing or unsure where to start, 1STEIN's support pages, tutorials, handbook and FAQ are astonishing: I have never seen anything more comprehensive or succinctly explained. The presence of that level of documentary support lifts this software into a different league. The website is also a class-act: it deserves to be explored in depth for the wealth of information available there.

Iíve only had time to post-process some recent jpgs. The software performed perfectly. The GUI is exceptionally well-thought out and in terms of usability out-performs full versions of Adobe Photoshop up to PS7. Thatís some going. I have used Photoshop (full versions) for years because Iíve post-processed for years. In doing so, Iíve probably used less than 50% of Photoshopís capabilities. But then, I donít need the other half, Iím not running a design studio after all. Equally in that time, Iíve probably learned 50% of what Photoshop can do. And also, in that time, I have spent a *lot* of money with Adobe. 1STEINís CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro isnít Photoshop and doesnít pretend to be Photoshop. But at $49, itís a remarkable buy: there are tools and facilities within this app Iíve only been able to glance at, yet are way, way ahead of any other non-Photoshop image management suite Iíve ever encountered (and Iíve encountered many.)

Verdict: Thereís a lot of power beneath that hood. On the basis of what Iíve done with it so far ó including a curves comparative test against PS7 ó it romps home with flying colours. Factor into the equation that this has all too clearly been developed and refined over the years by people who really do know what theyíre doing (inexplicably, Iíve never heard of them before) and provide about the best support, help, and information for *anyone* with the remotest interest in learning how to do more than combat red-eye, and the result is a no-brainer: As a Christmas Day present from GAOTD, this is as good as it gets: an absolute *must* download that surely ranks as one of the best ever made available on here. (Review by Mike R.)

kodak.com 1STEIN and Kodak launch Publisher 2.0
The new KODAK NEXPRESS Photobook Software by 1STEIN provides print businesses with an easy-to-use, customisable solution for producing and selling photo products such as photo books, cards, calendars, mugs Ė and more Ė over the internet (..) The end-to-end solution encompasses all the necessary process steps involved in producing photo products, and incorporates a simple re-order process. Different items, such as calendars, postcards and books, are easily managed as one order. Powerful image manipulation functionality within the client software allows consumers to edit, enhance or automatically improve pictures based on the content of the image.
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PC Plus CodedColor PhotoStudio provides a worthy alternative to the likes of Photoshop Elements, but at a fraction of the cost of Adobe's title.
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PC Utilities 47 CodedColor PhotoStudio - an excellent choice
For those who want a more comprehensive photo viewing, organisation and manipulation package, CodedColor PhotoStudio is an excellent choice that adds far superior editing and slideshow options in addition to some complex methods of organising and sorting your images. Whatever your intended use, CodedColor PhotoStudio provides professional organisation, formatting and editing for your entire picture collection.
Sharewarejunkies 5 star review If you're looking for an image editor that's an 'all rounder' then look no further.
1STEIN has combined all of the digital photographer's needs in one single application: image viewing & editing, web album export, annotations, database & keyword searching, contactsheets, screenshows, batch conversion, photo finishing, red eye correction, screen capture and TWAIN import.
UKWares CodedColor Imaging Pro is a feature full image package, designed not only to organise your images but also to edit, Print, export, convert, show slide shows and a host of other functions.
Get more than just Photo Editing Features with CodedColor PhotoStudio
CodedColor PhotoStudio has many useful functionalities all combined in one package to fulfill all your designing needs. It provides all the tools you require, from photo editing tools to creating and publishing photo albums.
Brothersoft Editor Pick The Brothersoft Review Staff give this product a Pick Award because it is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section.
Agfa-Net CodedColor organizes photos in albums together with keywords, sends them by e-mail or on the Internet in the form of an online gallery, serves to process pictures and gives a quick insight into directories.
photographie.de David scores against Goliath
1STEIN is building up competition with it's software CodedColor PhotoStudio 4.1 Pro against more established products like ACDSee and Photoshop Album. CodedColor offers image organization and photo album features, as well as a wide range of image improvement and editing tools. You can create diashows and albums for the Internet, remove red eyes and correct color stains. The software supports photo prints and can add copyright watermarks to your private photos. All typical image formats are supported and can be converted.

User Testimonials

Thank you all so much - your applause keeps us going!

"I have a lot of experience with PhotoShop and Dreamweaver, but I use Codedcolor every day - I love it. - Gordon Brow, Canada"
"A truly delightful program! Full of features, and easy to use. Iíve been looking for something just like this. It replace 3 other programs I have, and so I will regain that memory space on my computer. Thanks GOTD! IMO, this is the best giveaway for a while. - Patricia"
"As a user of Irfanview and Faststone I have to tell everyone that so far, this program is very impressive to me. I had no problems downloading and installing on XP-SP3; received the registration immediately; I cannot believe what this program offers you. If you are into frames, you will be impressed (thus, I plan to uninstall Faststone). Thank you GAOD for giving this as a very nice Christmas present."
"Software is great, packed with 6 additional prgs, allows modifications by using Tools: Programs Settings. Will be removing Roxioís Photoshop and Blurb book. Thanks GOTD and CodedColor Pro. - Jay Tex"
"This is a great Christmas Day Givaway, Thanks GAOTD. I am not familar with PhotoShop other than having seen some great work done with it and that itís an expensive program. I would venture to say that CodedColor is far closer to PS than what I was able to purchase at an affordable price. I played around with it for a couple hours trying out the cloning feature. I had a beautiful picture of our cat and dog asleep on the couch. Really a great picture except for the newspaper and wifeís purse sitting on the arm of the couch. Been wanting to fix this pic for the longest but just didnít have the tool to do it. Well I do now. It went perfect and did exactly as I had hoped. I also like the text adding selection. After using Paint for adding text this is like driving a royles royce. - Homestead"
"I like it - use Photoshop at work, but this seems to be as much fun!! Nice that page setups are included,.. kinda like desktop publishing as well! PS doesnít make it that easy, although we might be on an older version at work. Ability to add other fun filters might be good- though I havenít checked that part out yet. A keeper for me! Iíve never heard of this one, so Iíll be keeping an eye on their changes and added extras! - Martina"
"WOW... have made at least a thousand layouts and wallpapers etc with PAINTDOTNET which are mostly graphics but THISÖ for photos of which I have been ignoring due to lack of decent software, I mean Picasa is ok but not the level of thisÖ and dude!! the tutorials are SO wonderful, donít leave you guessing as they show before and after for every effect and explain exactly what they did to get from A to B. Thank you Thank you!!!! - Kat"
"Have been working on a very old/poor quality picture and have received a better outcome than any other SW used. All my images were cataloged quickly. The layout looks great and easy on the eyes. The tools for manipulating the image e.g brightness, contrast etc worked very well and I seemed to have better control of getting what I wanted. Happy to read on their site that they have a partnership with KODAK since I have Kodak equipment, SW, camera etc. I received a neat surprise after I exited the SW in that I went into my pictures to set up a Christmas image for my desktop and discovered the slideshow setting. Oh! Boy! Love the way this is layed out. I most definitely am going to enjoy this software. - Sharon"
"This is a powerful great addition for the photo editor toolbox. Sure, it is certainly not a replacement for Photoshop. But its great for quick image enhancement and other stuff, like creating albums, add frames (from a huge selection where you can also add your own frames) and far too many tools and options to list them all. CodedColor contains lots of very advanced tools for adjusting color, hue, shadow/lights etc. that are very easy to use but produce high quality effects. It can also create layers, has batch conversion, options for publishing as PDF or stand alone exe (album) and even burn album on CD (if you select this option on installation in the list of additional tools), shows histogram and lets you fine tune an image based on RGB or also for single color channels etc. etc. It contains a wide selection of brushes as well and an interesting feature is the erase tab, which lets you erase any applied effect from the image with a brush on selected areas. - Sabine"
"Not a bad program - looks like a lot of bang for the buck. Big learning curve for noobies. Too many things to try out to give an honest opinion, other than it looks professional and is packing a punch. - Buskieboy"
"I have been back and forth all day trying to decide if this was worth the download. IT WAS! Wow, what a great program. I just replaced at least 3 others with this one. it is a little overwhelming at first, but after you dig in there is nothing to it. This is a keeper. - Rob C."
"This is AWESOME! Fairly easy install, LOTS of new options to play with. I have several other graphic editors, this one looks like Iíll be using more often. I never knew about this one before, glad I have it now!!! - Boots"
"I am indeed far more impressed with this program, as I have been able to spend more time getting under the hood. And hearing from the support folks at 1Stein that Photoshop plugin compatibility is coming in the future, makes it a no-brainer for me to hold on to this one and learn how to tap into all of itís current features. - Louis"
"I put this program through its paces on a photo that was in my ďDeletableĒ folder, just to see what it could do. First I pressed the "One-Button FixĒ several times until it was too far, then pressed "Undo" twice; the results were impressive. Next, I applied all of the "Recommended" settings in the various imaging features; again, impressed. When I was done, I used CodedColorís collage feature to create a "before" and "after" enhancement image ó with text, of course. I am not easily impressed, having been in the image processing business since the early 80's; but the results were quite good, considering it only took 15-20 minutes to get quality results. - Eric"
"Your software is very useful and frienly, I love it, the interface is very easy and logical, congratulations. - Carlos Delgado"
"Codecolor has a bundle of features. On a particular aspect e.g. image editing other programs exits and are hard to beat in that area. The power of CodedColor is THE COMBINATION of various aspects/features for which you otherwise have to buy a number of programs. - John Schouten"
"Best interface I\'ve seen yet!!!!!! - Morocco Flowers"
"I just want to tell you that I think you have achieved to create a fantastic versatile product. It is most price-worthy and I do really like it very much. I look forward to future updates. - Mikael Hagenbo"
"I've just started working on the new release and it's nicer then ever! - Massimo Pallottino"
"Right on - You guys are the best!!!! You have the most AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!! - Dan"
"It's a wonderful piece of software at par wit Adobe. I'm thoroughly satisfied with its performance. - Mintu Desai"
"You seem to care for your product. Not every company does! I never expected anyone to be interested in my opinion. But you were, and that gives me a positive feeling towards you as a developing company. The big drakes normally don't give a damn about the customers, only they sell. So, if somebody will ask me about CodedColor in the future I can at least promise you that I say one thing: "They listen and do care about their prospective customers!" And thats really important! - Bengt-Olof Johansson"
"Better than ACdsee - smaller and very practical!"
"The CodedColor experience was just great. As a beginner to the computer world, I found CodedColor extremely easy to use. And that is a very big plus when you are a nervous learner! Thanks Heaps - Mel"
"I use CodedColor nearly every day, and am extremely pleased with the speed and convenience of CodedColor, theres no other editor that comes close! - Dennis Lancaster, Leeds UK"
"Thanks for your prompt reply and once more I will say this is a fantastic program which I enjoy using many hours each day. - Sharon Scheurich"
"CodedColor is an impressive software as it promotes bright and fantastic pictures. I really liked it because of its user friendly interface, and the tools didn't need a manual to know how to use them - simple, clear cut and precise. Keep up the good work!!!"
"Thanks for making such a good program. I could not find another program for a reasonable price that did not die with the size of my image library, and I don't consider mine to be that large. Also your webpage generator is great. Thanks again! - Alex Taylor"
"Just wanted to tell you that your program is really good for experimental work with pictures. Far better than any other I tried. (I have tried the expensive ones.) I want to express my respect and say thank you for all the things you made possible. - Christer Fšldt"
"It is a great program - easy to use and fast in browsing images. - Lara Jordan"
"I tried 12 Image Archiving and Editing programs - CodedColor was Top 3 after ThumbsPlus and Photoshop Elements. - Meiki"
"It really brings out the real colours in photo's where most other programs fail! - Nigel Pickering"
"Very easy to use - better than most programmes I ve used. - Douglas Kulatilleke"
"Would you believe, everything is now perfect. The programme is now installed properly and is working as it should. I cannot leave without saying how your help & expertness was really great. If everybody at your company behaves like you have, I will have no trouble recommending your company to all my fellow computer mates. - Leslie Spicer"
"You have really made a super program!!! It has saved me tons of time with my watermarks and batch processing! Thank you - Jeremy"
"Liked the easy to use style, especially the red eye correction - being able to choose the colour makes a real difference. - Gabi"
"CodedColor PhotoStudio is really a great software. I found it is comparable to ACDSee Pro. But while CodedColor worked in Vista, ACDSee doesn't. - Rabani HM Ayub"
"The big features for me with Codedcolor are Editing, Batch conversions and creating HTML albums. I travel a lot and usually take about 300 pictures a week Ė Codedcolor is excellent for sorting them out. Good work! - Gordon Brown"
"I've detected a few bugs I will be reporting soon, and would like to find more keyboard shortcuts, but once again, this software deserves much more attention and advertising. It has excellent tools and good documentation. Congratulations and long live to CodeColor! - Ńlvaro Vallejo"
"I am very excited about your software product. I have tested the following products and, unlike CodedColor PhotoStudio, found them all falling short of what I need: ACDSee Photo Editor, Picasa2, Scrapbook MAXI, Scrapbook Flair, FxFoto, Albumfactory Designer, Bonusprint PhotoBook, Smilebox. - Hugh Williams"
"I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team is exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again! - Charles from Canada"
"I love this program - it's amazing and has everything we need to make a perfects pics. Congrats!"
"Very very very very very very very very very good program. I dont have anything better then this :):):) Just continue! - Sasa Micic"
"It was one of the most amzing programs I ever tried. - Edward"
"If you are looking for a reasonably priced, powerful image editor, then you wonít go wrong if you pick CodedColor PhotoStudio. It has an easy to use interface, batch conversion & batch renaming, numerous photo editing features, allows to create online albums and opens a wide range of image files. - George Norman, Software Editor "
"I found it to be way more user friendly than photoshop!"
"My compliment for this amazing and feature rich editor, looks like love at first sight! With best wishes for 2011 - Frans van Beers, reviewer & photographer"
"I don't know how to thank you. Its a wonderful program. I'm enjoying it. Thank you so much! - Sammy-Anne"
"I just installed the SW and my first positive impression is your LiveHelp dialog, which I found nowhere else. It's really superb and fantastic. God Bless You all. Thank u a billion times. - Kara"
"Codedcolor is a fantastic software to work on. It's very easy to use compared to other photo editing software. Thank you!"
"Fantastic program for organizing my images! After ACDSee, Irvanview,... I instantly got addicted to this cool program. It's the best image organizer tool I found so far. Also check out the Webalbum - Great feature!"
"First of all congratulations to your firstclass tool. After trying to develop a web slideshow myself, I did some online research and came across your produkt. After having tried out dozens of slideshows, i must say, that none have as many features as yours. Very impressive!"
"I just started using CodedColor 2002 and I find it to be the very best photo-viewer/editor that I am aware of! I intend to try out all the options and I will give you feedback and/or suggestions as I become more acquainted with the program."
"Its Great! I appreciate the small download size, and the product is great too."
"Dear CodedColor team, there's not much to say about CodedColor, it's just a fantastic tool. I use it for our families personal homepage and also to catalogue my Digi-Pix for local use. It works stable and it's easy to use."
"This is a mega galery tool !!!"
"Since a few weeks I am using CodedColor to organize my pictures, and I am very convinced of the product. Good handling, many possibilities and very stable - Bravo (and thank you)!"
"Your program is very practical and user friendly."
"I like your program very much. Especially for the archiving part I havn't found any better alternatives. Thank you for the freebee. I'm looking forward to the next release!"
"Good JPG shrinker for digital cameras that only save in one size, STILL MAINTAINS IMAGE QUALITY!!"
"Excellent program! Liteweight but complete. Better than ACDSee!"
"Thank you for your wonderful customer service!!! It took two tries, but I finally got it all downloaded and installed. Thanks again for the great service, you guys are second to none!!"
" I found your program CodedColor online at Download.com, as I was sifting through the album creating software. I tried several before I found your program, and I will say your's is by far the best album generator I have seen. It does everything I want it to, plus so much more. I am using it currently to display some pictures on the website for the Ecology class here at Texas A & M University. - Scott Corriveau"
"Searching for a viewer and organizer for my digital photos, I stumbled across CodedColor. I have already tested quite a few applications, but I like yours best. Strange however, that this software has not been reviewed by some major magazines. Are they all sleeping? "
"I am a freelance photographer on a shoestring budget. I have looked at and tried numerous editing programs such as ACDsee, Photoshop, Irfanview and more. None of them gave me the results that your product does. I decided to purchase the full program within minutes of my first download. - Jaime Wilson"
"Another comment, your software is very useful and frienly, I love it, the interface is very easy and logical, congratulations."
"I found it by chance, and your update is wonderful, very useful and creative. Thanks"
"To use your system is praktical and easy for the first overlook of pictures on a sheet of paper. You can easily select the usefull fotos for later printing on special paper. Futheron, it is easy to put them into the right position to print them on paper."
"This is the best viewer/editor....that I've ever seen. Very easy to use! Congratulations!!!"
"I have only used it 10 minutes, but it seems quite promising! I am currently testing image viewing software and am looking for the perfect one - CodedColor seems the have the potential!"
"Wonderful package. Just what I had been looking for and not finding in so many others."

 5 stars award on Windows 10 Download
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
SoftDLL 5 stars
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
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Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
Editors Choice & 5-Star Award
CriticalFiles editors choice
SharewarePlaza pick
FileCart great product
Filetransit 5 stars
Listsoft Cool
Sharewarejunkies 5 star review
Brothersoft Editor Pick

CodedColor PhotoStudio by 1STEIN is a Windows photo viewer and editor to organize, edit, resize, reformat, correct, compare, sort, watermark, annotate and print digital images, and to edit EXIF and IPTC data in digital photos. You can rename multiple images, remove scratches, create panorama pictures (stitch), convert RAW photos (from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc. cameras), send images via Skype, send photo SMS, burn digital watermarks, correct colors, run a screenshow, convert and correct JPEG images in a batch process, rename fields, open pictures and image folders from the Explorer, generate a webalbum in HTML and compress JPG images. The CodedColor full version is not free, but during registration you can choose the Freeware edition. Editor and webalbum generator are partly restricted in the freeware. After the download you can try the PhotoStudio shareware for 30 days without any restrictions. The CodedColor software interface looks very similar to ACDSee, is easier to use than Photoshop and more versatile than Picasa and Irfanview, but still contains editing and correction features as effective as Paintshop. Have a look at our Before / After tutorials, in order to get an idea of the powerful editor capabilities. The software comes with a detailed handbook and a fast database to store EXIF / IPTC data and color informationen. CodedColor PhotoStudio is a powerful and versatile photo organizer and image editing software for digital camera users. The user friendly interface includes features like photo editing & printing, web album galleries, slide shows, photo management & cataloging, custom sorting, IPTC & EXIF editor, thumbnail generation, resize & resample images, jp2000, batch conversion, database keyword searching, red eye removal, color / sharpness / brightness & contrast correction, artefacts removal, clone brush, scanner & TWAIN import, screen capture, lossless JPEG rotation, gamma correction, print ordering and screenshows with many transition effects, watermark text, image annotations, panorama stitch & animation, video capture, PDF album export, photo layouts, collages, frames, shadows, histograms, automatic white balance, skype photo sharing, etc. Opens and converts all common image formats: BMP, WMF, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PCX, PNG, PSP, PSD, PCD, and all current RAW formats. Visit the CodedColor PhotoStudio homepage to learn more and download a free copy! Includes BYNGO MMS messenger and CodedColor Publisher, a versatile photo layout and DTP tool, from which you can order individual photobooks through KODAK.