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CodedColor - Service & Support

Welcome to the CodedColor support center. Before you post a question that may take 2 working days to answer, you should first do the following:
  1. Usually, we launch updates with new features and possible bugfixes on a monthly basis. So before you do anything else, make sure that you have installed the latest version. Check the Version History, to see if your problem was already fixed.
  2. Read the Online Handbook. The corresponding version of the handbook will open in CodedColor, if you press the F1 key. Our handbook is very detailed, and you should take the time to discover the secrets of CodedColor.
  3. Read our Registration FAQ carefully. Most questions related to licenses and our Online Registration System are answered here.
Above that, the following support options are available:

1. Report problem from within CodedColor

For obvious program crashes and exceptions, please use the Help > Report Problem item from the main menu of CodedColor. This creates an email with important technical information and logfiles from your installation. Attach any image to this mail, which may have caused the crash, and describe the problem and the actions leading to the crash in detail, so that we can reproduce it.

2. Premium Support (only pro version customers)

In order to receive premium support, you must own a valid pro license. For this you need to register online and receive an email containing the license key. If you don't receive this email within an hour after registration, check your email address and your SPAM filter. Remember your username and password, so that you can resend the license in case you loose it. Don't register twice with different email addresses, because this will confuse your order history and you won't receive upgrade offers. And remember, when you purchase a version 7.x, all updates up until the next major release 8.0 are free. Upgrades to a higher version cost a small amount.

To receive premium support, click and send us a personal email with your Username and your questions concerning your registration or license. For technical questions please use our forum (see above), and for bug reports the help feature inside CodedColor.